Who is the OSCaR Team?

Meet the people behind the development of OSCaR, based at Children in Families in Phnom Penh.
Img 0457 jpg 500x500 Sam Ol Um Program Manager

Sam Ol comes from a background of coalition-building and training-provision for social work

Img 0458 jpg 500x500 Chris Ellinger Social Work Technical Adviser

Chris is a social worker from Australia, with experience in both direct practice and social

Img 0456 jpg 500x500 Sideth Sok OSCaR Regional Specialist

Sideth has worked for several years in a social work organisation, and specialises in logis

Img 0459  1  jpg 500x500 Sokly Phal Technical Liaison and Trainer

Sokly's background in software development and training makes her a great fit for liaising