Who is the OSCaR Team?

Meet the people behind the development of OSCaR, based at Children in Families in Phnom Penh.
Microsoftteams image  2  1 png 500x500 Sam Ol Um Program Manager

Sam Ol comes from a background of coalition-building and training-provision for social work

Microsoftteams image  1  1 png 500x500 Sarah Wong Social Work Technical Adviser

Through Sarah’s background in social work, with direct practice experience in Canada and su

Microsoftteams image  6  png 500x500 Chantrea Brak Social Work / Technology Integration Specialist

Chantrea comes from the first cohort of certified social workers in Cambodia, bringing experience

Photo 2022 06 09 15 45 45 1 jpg 500x500 Sokly Phal Technical Liaison and Trainer

Sokly's background in software development and training makes her a great fit for liaising

Microsoftteams image  1  png 500x500 Kiry Meas Senior Software Developer

Kiry is OSCaR's first in-house senior software developer, specializing in developing the OS

Microsoftteams image  4  png 500x500 Sideth Sok OSCaR Regional Specialist

Sideth brings many years of experience to the OSCaR team, skilled in training and supporting user

Microsoftteams image  2  png 500x500 Chanvirak Bun OSCaR Regional Specialist

Virak's background in social work enables him to understand direct social work practices in

Microsoftteams image  3  png 500x500 Vanna Soeng OSCaR Program Coordinator

Vanna supports the OSCaR team as Program Coordinator focusing on administration, finances and log